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"In the final analysis, it is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings."

Alfred Adler

Child Therapy: 

I work with children with a variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, attention deficit, learning or behaviour problems, separation or divorce, adjustment issues and self-esteem or body image difficulties. I involve the parents in the child's therapy so the parents will feel confident in helping their children cope with whatever issues they are struggling with.

"Don't throw away your friendship with your teenagers over behaviour that has no great moral significance. There will be plenty of real issues that require you to stand firm like a rock. Save your energy for those crucial confrontations."

Dr. James Dobson

Adolescent Therapy: 

I see teens who are depressed, have anxiety (social phobias, OCD, panic disorder), esteem issues, friendship issues, school problems and disruptive behaviour. I have also worked with teens who have addictions, have been abused or have experienced trauma (including PTSD). I teach teens skills to cope with their symptoms and regulate their emotions to help them be more successful with their relationships and to achieve their goals in life. I generally include parents as needed as it is important that parents have input into the goals their teen is working on. 

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